Homeowner University was created to allow anyone to learn about the home buying process on their own time and at their own speed.  

In the past, your main options to find out what it takes to buy a home for the very first time were going to a first time home buyer's class, asking your friends and family who have bought a house, and Google / YouTube.  First Time Home Buyer classes were always on a set day and a set time, and if you couldn't make it, well, that's unfortunate.  Your friends and family have the experience already of buying a home, but unless they're in the industry, they most likely don't know all the little ins and outs.  And then you have Google or YouTube, which are all great resources, but if you don't know what to ask, how can you learn? 


  Now - you're in control.   


Homeowner University started during a pandemic because the days of lunch and learns, or evening "first time home buyer" classes are a thing of the past.  

Now - you have control of what you want to learn, and when you want to learn it from industry professionals with no bias.  Our goal here at Homeowner University is to make sure that you, the consumer, know exactly what is going on when buying your first home, or your 10th home.  


is to understand


Any fool can know...


-Albert Einstein